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Play has a magical way of making us feel happy and good about ourselves.

Many children around the world never get the chance to play. Sometimes it’s because their countries have been at war or face extreme poverty and disease. Some children were forced to fight as soldiers and forgot how to play, how to be childlike and joyful, and can’t forget the horrors they have seen or forgive themselves for what they have done. Others never learned to play because they had to work long hours in hot factories or out in the fields, or take on the role of parenting their younger brothers and sisters. And in some places certain children just aren’t allowed to play because they are girls or have a physical disability.
For over a decade the humanitarian organization Right To Play has been helping to bring laughter and smiles into the lives of the world’s most disadvantages children. They use sports and play to educate, improve health and build confident youth who want to give back to their communities.

Along with thousands of their famous red soccer balls and other sports equipment, Right To Play sets up programs, mentors youth, and educates for peace and health with the help of thousands of volunteers, like local coaches, teachers and Olympic and professional athletes. All these people form an international team of players whose goal is to see that every child has the right to play. They’ve seen first-hand when children play the world wins.

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