Bone Deep

When budding archaeologist Peggy Henderson discovers that there is a two-hundred-year-old shipwreck off the northern tip of Vancouver Island, and that a team of archaeologists is about to embark on a deep-water voyage to excavate it, she decides she’ll do whatever it takes to go on the expedition. She not only needs to convince her Mom to let her go, but also to pay for scuba diving lessons. But Peggy has a plan: she’ll volunteer to spend time with cranky old Great-Aunt Beatrix to chalk up brownie points.

In the meanwhile, Peggy’s gotten her hands on a copy of the captain’s log of the sunken ship and his entries paint a colourful picture of the adventures and dangers of the fur trading sailors’ life, and their often rocky relationships with First Nations people. As it turns out, Peggy has her own hands full trying to navigate her salty kinship with her great-aunt. Much like the captain, Peggy will have to learn how to deal with clashing personalities to keep her dreams afloat.

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