The Jigsaw Puzzle King

WINNER OF THE: 2021 OLA Silver Birch Award

NOMINATED FOR THE: 2022 Diamond Willow Award


People say, “Just be yourself.” But when you’re new in school, all you want is to fit in, to be like everyone else. When eleven-year-old Warren and his family move to a new city, his twin brother, who has Down syndrome, attracts too much attention for Warren’s liking. Bennie lives his life happily. He’s different and doesn’t care about it. But while he may be oblivious to those who are curious or uneasy with him, Warren notices every smirk, comment, and sideways glance.

Warren is weary of flip-flopping between trying to be just like everyone else and being the protective brother of a boy with special needs. Sometimes he thinks his life would be easier if he had no brother. But what he really needs is to stop worrying about what other people think.